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Sunday, January 29, 2006

1. Virtual IT: SoftLayer Offers Innovative Server Options to the Hosting World

On January 24, 2006, Dallas-based on-demand hosting provider, SoftLayer Technologies, heralded the launch of public operations and sales to the world of Virtual IT. According to spokespeople, 1,000 of the company’s servers are now ready for businesses. SoftLayer is geared towards small- to medium-sized enterprises and offers resellers and integrators with on-demand IT services very hard-hitting prices.

SoftLayer President and CEO Lance Crosby announced it was time for the company to outsource its Virtual IT capabilities and deliver higher quality service to the steadily-growing server market.

The company’s server package includes exciting features that include brand new Intel and AMD dual processor servers, 32/64 bit operating systems and applications, gigabit network speeds from the server to core, a proprietary management portal, private backend networks, remote reboot and console, and many more. The availability of these packages to the masses will help give new companies the chance to move to the forefront of the Virtual IT world.

These new complex and exciting packages, created by the top developers and engineers at SoftLayer provide an extremely comprehensive management system that is able to give customers greater control remotely than ever before. Crosby calls this new offering a true “network-within-a-network” that gives clients ultimate control over their environment at will without altering the infrastructure of the system or requiring any server shut down. This new Virtual IT advance finally begins to address the concerns of quickly-evolving business by being capable of on-demand adaptation.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg