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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Additional Qualifications for the Sweet Spot

We’ve already talked a little about the sweet spot, the clients who will give you a constant income throughout the year. We know that there are several good reasons NOT to choose the smallest businesses for the sweet spot, but we also need to discuss some qualifications for who SHOULD be part of your sweet spot.

When you are choosing sweet spot clients, look at these factors:

1. Number of PCs

Ten to 50 PCs is the ideal number for a sweet spot client. They are large enough to need your services often but small enough to not need a full-time IT staff.

2. Business Revenue

Companies with yearly revenue between 1 and 10 million are best as sweet spot clients. Once they get to the high end of this range, they tend to want a full-time staff.

3. Clients who Need a “Real Server”

When a company gets a dedicated server, they will also need a professional IT consulting firm to go along with it. After you begin working with these companies, they will continue adding more services, and your firm will become their outsourced IT department.

4. Multiple Locations

Multiple locations means that the main office and its branches will need to communicate with each other, and you can help them put together an effective system.

Now that you know how to choose sweet spot clients and what to avoid, you are ready to begin your search for these clients. Read more about this and other topics when you visit Small Business Computer Consulting: Additional Qualifications for the Sweet Spot (link above).

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