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Monday, January 23, 2006

How to Start as a Computer Consultant

The process of starting a computer consulting business can be extremely overwhelming. Because there is so much information available to entrepreneurs, particularlyas they delve deeply into the research process, creating an organized, doablebusiness plan can sometimes be elusive. Luckily, there are some basic stepsany professional can take to help build a strong foundation prior to startinga new computer consulting venture.

The first step for any would-becomputer consultant is to pick a specific launch date for the business andwrite it down. Having a date visible and in mind while continuing the processof developing the consulting business and will provide a very tangible goaland help motivate and inspire, even if the date is very far in the future.

One of the most difficult parts of starting any business is creatingboth a to-do list and a task list to streamline all planning. Again, becausethere are so many resources out there for computer consultants, a typicaltask list could initially be very lengthy and difficult to systematize. Regardless of how long the to-do list, the next important step is to narrowit down and pick the 10 most important things, which might range from meetingwith an accountant to obtaining a website domain or a voice mail box forthe future company.

Once this short pre-launch list is completed,the next step is to put the steps into a chronological order that will makesense so the steps can be most easily executed. If the chronology fits theproject, it’s time to develop a timeline to work on that extends all theway to the pre-established launch date of the consulting business. Eventhe longest, most chaotic list can be streamlined by following these simplesteps, and entrepreneurs will be able to get their new project underway efficientlyand sometimes in much less time than expected.

Submitted by Computer Consulting Kit