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Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Importance of Relationships in IT Sales

Possibly the most important part of IT sales is establishing a trusting bond and a secure relationship with your clients. In the world of IT sales, the strength of your relationship with those you serve is even more important than the size of your customer list or even your revenue.

Since ideal clients could very well produce a lifetime value well into the six-figure range, it is critical for you to really take interest in and get to know the owners and partners of the companies you work with and want to work with for years to come.


The ideal situation for anyone building a client relationship is to be the initial sales person. When you are responsible for the first steps in sales, you don’t have to worry that the salesperson sent to the companies will change constantly, causing you to have to start over again each time. Experts have reported that often salespeople will completely misrepresent an organization or company simply to get a signature on a deal. When you start a relationship with a client this way, it leads to problems with trust and also general service expectations in the future. If you take control and build a personal relationship with potential clients from the very start, you will prevent trust issues and create an open and honest line of communication.


At the beginning, it may be completely feasible, as a small consulting firm, or a single consultant, to do all the groundwork for securing clients and starting contracts by yourself. However, as your business grows, and you have 5-10 really good clients that together generate $15,000-$20,000 together per month, it may be time to start training other staff to at least tag along with you to sales meetings and other client meetings. By introducing clients directly to these people you train to model your values and the values of your company, you will build trust with customers and ensure you have a group of salespeople that will be trustworthy members of your team and help promote your business.

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