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Thursday, January 19, 2006

IT Consultants in the UK: Growth and Trends

With budget constraints an issue in almost every area of the government in the United Kingdom, leaders continue to make the transition to employing more IT consultants rather than establishing salaried IT departments according to a recent survey of IT consultants across the UK.

Matthew Brown of giant group, the company hosting the survey, said, "The public sector has always been the poor relation in terms of its utilization of temporary IT staff, but efficiency drives and increased scrutiny of major IT projects have persuaded civil servants of the necessity of bringing in private sector expertise."

However, that seems to be changing as 27% of IT consultants were working in the public sector. The survey also showed that jobs in the telecom industry had fallen but that newer technologies such as VoIP might help increase business. Another interesting find was that after the government, the financial sector was the second largest employer of IT consultants.

With the UK headed in this direction and budgets tight in every state in the U.S., we can expect that this same trend will become increasingly important in our own government as well over the next few years.

By beginning relationships with those in the public sector, you may be positioning yourself for business growth when other areas of the U.S. government begin making this transition. For more information, visit Government doubles its share of IT consultants (link above).

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