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Monday, January 30, 2006

IT Specialists: Forging a Brand for Your Company

One of the best ways to stand out as IT specialists is to give your company a real “brand.” Market your company name along with its specific industry focus, and really put a spin on it that makes it unique.


One of the worst things IT specialists can do when marketing is to go in emphasizing certifications and flashy logos, because customers will see them as products rather than human beings with specialized solutions. While these qualifications should certainly be part of the background information, they shouldn’t be lead-ins to the conversation. You should instead focus on selling the specialized insight your firm can bring to the community.


Dominating a local, un-served or underserved niche in the community and taking it over is another great way to make yourself known as an IT specialist. When you’re out networking in the community, look for needs that are going unfulfilled. You may initially find a lot of false problems, but eventually you will find something that fits with the uniqueness of your firm.

Be careful – you may have to adjust your thinking. When you find a potential problem, make sure it really affects the community. If you and your clients don’t agree something is a problem, it probably isn’t, at least not right now. That doesn’t mean you should abandon the problem or abandon the prospect of selling the solution to it to this community in the future; they may just not understand the concept yet. There also might be someone just up the road that does have the problem you identify and is ready to address it.


As IT specialists, it’s important to know your local competition. You should study your top 5 competitors by looking at their websites, brochures or any other available marketing information they might have. Sizing them up and taking note of their overall presentation will make it easier to know how to brand yourself to make your expertise shine in the community.

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