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Monday, January 30, 2006

IT Support: Two Required Areas of Expertise

When your are considering your staff and your IT firm, you want to look at the expertise each individual brings to the table. Although each technician will be at a different level from the others, there are two areas of expertise that your staff must have.

1. Experts in Their Areas

You don’t necessarily need employees and contractors who are experts in every area, but they do need to be experts in their own areas. If one person can install a LAN while another can handle server-class firewalls and VPNs, they are both important to your team because they are experts in their own areas.

2. Strong People Skills

Not all of your technicians will be wonderful with people, but they do need to have minimal people skills. They should be able to sell products and services to your clients so that your business will grow. If they are handling large projects involving many types of vendor products and solutions, they should be able to handle the technical side while calming the clients’ fears as well.

If you can find technicians who are strong in both of these areas, then you can put together a top-notch staff that will keep clients happy and help your business grow. Learn more by reading the full article (link above).

Submitted by Joshua Feinberg