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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Need Computer Consultant Marketing Ideas?

Consultant companies of all sorts are reporting that they are relying on computers more and more. From legal consultants to nurse consultants, companies are recognizing the need for technology.

Also mentioned are the many companies that have been around for a while – think consultants, professional offices, etc. – who even after all this time are still using paper records. With younger professionals coming in, these companies are preparing to transition from paper filing systems and move to electronic systems for all their needs.

When you’re thinking of possible new clients, consider those you already work with on a yearly basis – your doctor, your dentist. If they’re still using paper filing systems, it may simply be because no one’s offered to help them move into the new millennium.

Check out this article, Technology has become essential to small firms (link above), for more information and ideas concerning valuable clients that may be untapped in your area. As Rochelle Balch, president of Glendale-based RB Balch & Associates Inc. points out, "Years ago, technology was only for the really big guys. We went from small businesses thinking a computer is an option, to now where computers, multiple computers, are a necessity."

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