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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Solution Providers: New System Empowers Agents

Released by IEX Corporation, a Tekelek affiliate on August 2, 2005, TotalView® v3.9 is loaded with features that are steadily keeping companies ahead of the business curve. This new software package helps keep everyone in an office setting in the loop by allowing clients to keep up-to-date with daily and monthly tasks and helps manage all resources within a business efficiently. With the help of this software, part of the new tier of solution providers, as many as 20 scheduled activities can be added to daily work agendas. Users can also create forecasts and schedules and manage them for an astounding 18 months if necessary.

IEX is renowned as a leading developer of solution providers that offer software and other tools to help contact centers and other companies manage and optimize their workforce. The efficiency of TotalView® v3.9 in its first few months of use shows the company’s commitment to research and development. This innovative new solution provider makes it easier to manage multiple channels of contact types and other back office work. The version also empowers agents with brand new ways to manage time off and also to create schedule preferences.

Posted By: Computer Consulting 101