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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Solution Providers: Wyse Creates Enhanced Partner Plan to Support Enterprise

Wyse Technologies, a world-wide leader in thin computing, announced its enhanced partner plan on January 30. Included in the plan are new benefits for strategic alliance partners, system integrators and value-added on solution providers, and Wyse’s far-reaching channel network of value-added resellers and distributors.

These programs will allow Wyse partners to improve their delivery of computing solutions to valued enterprise clients. The ultimate goal of the incentive program is to allow greater opportunity for business through extensive Wyse support and training.

Wyse has also decided to enhance its winning Wyse Partner Channel Network to include three participation levels: Premier; Select; and affiliate. This new feature will offer better deal registration, joint marketing and new sales tools for participants.

Thin computing includes hardware, software and services, and is one of the world’s fastest growing market opportunities. Since it requires the highest quality partners in order to take full advantage of these opportunities, granting new benefits for groups of system integrators, solution providers is critical to allowing partner success and improving the market.

The new programs will be introduced throughout the first half of 2006, starting this week and will start by providing new tools to smooth the process of architecture expertise and delivery of service.

Blogged by: Computer Consulting Professional Kit