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Thursday, January 26, 2006

VARs on Guard Against Data Backup Systems’ Security Failures

Three of the top data backup systems companies have recently reported major holes in their security systems. Symantec's Backup Exec and NetBackup 5.x software, CA’s ARCserve Backup software for Windows, and EMC's Legato NetWorker have all reported vulnerabilities in the past few months.

Although all three companies have issued patches to fix the problems, VARs are still on guard as more problems are expected to crop up in the near future. For example, just last week, code was found that exploited the NetBackup hole.

VARs are beginning to think that the combination of data backup and security software may be a good idea for the protection of their clients’ valuable information. For some, these problems seem to validate the need for the Symantec and Veritas merger.

The three companies assured VARs and their clients that all these problems will be fixed and monitored to secure client information, but VARs still need to be on guard for problems that have not yet been discovered. For more on potential problems and what’s being doing to solve them, take a look at Storage Security Holes Put VARs On Guard (link above).

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