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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

VARs: VoIP Not Safe Yet

Many businesses are transferring to VoIP services as they are more cost-effective for most small to midsized businesses. However, most businesses and many VARs forget that VoIP systems are still not well-protected against hackers and other security violations.

When Cisco called for two security fixes on the CallManager system last week, VARs and their clients received a wake-up call. Not only have companies not effectively worked on security fixes for their software, though Cisco is working hard to protect their systems, but also VARs have not taken time to develop the skills needed to protect their clients’ systems.

If your clients need to call 911, they must be able to get through. Consider safety first by segmenting the data network and voice network with a virtual LAN. Kevin Flynn, senior manager for Cisco IP communications and wireless security technology marketing says, "If an attack occurs on the data network and there's good segmentation, the voice traffic will be fine,” but if the networking equipment itself is attacked, then the voice traffic will still be effected.

For more on VoIP security issues and protecting your customers, read Cisco Security Alerts Serve As VoIP Wake-Up Call (link above).

Blogged by Joshua Feinberg