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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Computer Consulting News: IBM Releases New Software

IBM launched a new software suite for small and medium-sized businesses and computer consulting firms on Friday. This software package includes an identity manager, a storage manager, a provisioning manager and a monitoring manager. All will comply with Tivoli’s Express Label, a label that requires the software be simple to configure and deploy and contain easy-to-use features that help small businesses stay up with the competition without having to create large IT staffs.

The new software does not simply offer a simple version of existing IBM products. They were built by, designed for and tested by small business partners, including those embedded in the computer consulting industry.

Bob Madey, vice president of strategy and marketing for IBM Tivoli stated that the more than 100 customers that beta tested the new software package was the most in the history of the companies. More than 45 businesses within the IT industry helped design and perfect it.

IBM Tivoli also plans to push training and sales to help increase small and medium-sized business relationships and profits. Last year along, IBM put $500, 000 million just to help sales and help grow the IT market. During this process, the company gained 26,000 new small business customers.

Availability of these new software products are currently staggered. Identity Manager Express will come out this week and Monitoring Express is scheduled to release in April.

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