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Monday, February 13, 2006

Computer Consulting: The Secret's in the Research

When going to vendors and clients, it’s important to have a basic description of your computer consulting business in mind so you can quickly determine if they have products or services that fit. Similarly, you should go into interviews with clients having researched their company so you are ready to help them most efficiently with their needs.


Although it might take you half an hour or more to do research on a potential client, knowing as much as possible pre-meeting could help you close a sale much faster. Showing the prospect that you’ve taken the time to learn about his company and care about his best interests will help build your credibility and increase the chance he will say “yes” to your computer consulting services. Often research is as simple as going to Google and doing a name or telephone number search, so you have no excuses not to pre-plan.


When compiling a preliminary client profile, you should look for the following: the purpose and mission of his business; details of the industry its in; types of services the company provides; the number of locations it has; and how long the company has been in business.

On top of basic profile information, you should search for recent news stories about the prospect. You can find these articles or news items either by performing another Google search or by going to the local paper and searching on its website.

Looking for any information about a client will give you an edge when selling services to potential clients.

Posted By: Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit