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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Computer Networking Business: Achieving Success

The computer networking business is very competitive and in-demand. To succeed at a computer networking business, you need to focus on three key characteristics: flexibility; accountability; and follow-up. Computer networking business employers should be aware of these qualities of successful companies, and should make sure their employees exhibit them as well to help guarantee success. After all, a business is about its people and clients, not about the products and services it offers.


In a people-oriented industry like computer networking, flexibility is imperative. Employees may have extended emergencies, such as the need to care for a sick relative that could require them to be away from work for a while. Similarly, a very loyal customer could run into temporary financial trouble and not be able to immediately pay off a large invoice. Regardless of what happens, give your most valuable employees and clients the time they need to resolve issues that crop up. This will give you the reputation of meeting the complex demands of both employees and customers, and will improve your business in the long run.


Computer networking business employees should feel responsible for their jobs. If an employee does not complete a task, he should be analyzed to determine what happened to make him incapable of finishing properly. The only answer is not that the employee was truly incapable of the job. Perhaps he was not trained properly or the job was not clearly explained to him. On the other end of the spectrum, employees that excel at their job should be praised and rewarded. This will ensure hard work in the future.


Follow-up is an extension of accountability. When a firm has a clear policy for ensuring accountability, there will be less of a need for follow-up. If a firm always follows up on every single task and job, no matter how large or small, employees will come to expect it, and will be duly prepared.

A computer networking business that focuses on fostering the three critical qualities of a successful firm – flexibility, accountability and follow-up – will have dedicated and skilled employees, allowing a manager to be able to focus on other important aspects of business.

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