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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Genesys Receives the 2005 Market Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan’s 2005 Market Leadership Award for technology and market execution in the managed services market was given to contact center managed services solutions company, Genesys.

"Key features of Genesys Managed Service solutions include:

* Choice of deployment in either a dedicated or multi-tenant environment

* Complete OA&M suite for the service provider

* Leverages Genesys premises integration capabilities with third-party switches and CRM systems

* Supports TDM, IP and hybrid and does not entail a forklift upgrade to IP"

Not only does Genesys offer great services, but also they offer value-added services as well from consulting to sales training to joint marketing. Iyer, program leader at Frost & Sullivan concluded in his evaluation: “Genesys has continued to implement superior market strategies that reflect changes in the high growth managed services market. As such, Genesys is the 2005 market leader for managed services contact center solutions.”

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