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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

IBM Executive Becomes CEO of TechTeam Global

William C. (Chris) Brown, long-time executive at IBM, has been named as the new CEO of TechTeam Global. He will be taking the place of William F. Coyro, a founder of the company.

With extensive experience in many areas of IBM’s operations, TechTeam Global feels that Brown is uniquely qualified for the position. Shareholders and the Board hope that Brown can help TechTeam become a major player in the outsourcing industry.

G. Ted Derwa, who led the search for a new CEO, said, “Chris' experience bridges many of the hurdles that a small publicly traded company like TeamTech must overcome to rise to the next level. He knows our business and our service offerings. He knows how to develop people and build an organization with the process support required to sustain growth and profitability; and he has an international background."

Learn more about the changes in TechTeam Global’s administration and the conference call that Brown will be hosting on February 16 for analysts, investors, and the general public by reading the complete article, IBM Executive Named CEO of TechTeam Global (link above).

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