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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

IT Audits: Providing for Your Trusted Clients

Your current client roster is a great place to look for potential IT audit candidates. Customers that have more than five PC’s in their office are excellent potential IT audit material.

When assessing customers, you will be searching for items such as UPSs and data line protection, quality surge protectors, an appropriate number of antivirus software licenses, active, high quality and valid subscription for the licenses to keep both antivirus software and their firewalls up to date. You’ll want to make sure that everything is updated and find out what they are doing with other items, such as routers and network adjust translations that keep them protected.


Keep in mind that even your most valued clients might need a little bit of motivating to accept and see the need for an IT audit. To help create demand for IT audits:

1. Converse with customers while they are in the store
2. Put effort into a telemarketing campaign
3. Create a flyer to put in with your mailings and invoices
4. Do a mailing, either with postcards or a brochure, to inform clients specifically about the benefits of IT audits.

You should make sure any outreach you do conveys a sense of urgency regarding IT audits. Make yourself aware of current events and issues that effect customers and generate a need for IT audits, such as viruses or power outages.

Because these are your most valued customers and probably also a great source of revenue, you need to present them with a discount for IT audit services to personalize the offer. However, since your time is still valuable, but a cap on it. For example, place a discount from $350 to $199 and attribute it to increased demand, but make sure you limit it to the first 25 customers or only through a certain date.

Clients with whom you have a long-term relationship can be excellent candidates for IT audits. Take advantage of the special marketing opportunity and you could grow your business with the help of the people you trust the most.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg