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Sunday, February 19, 2006

IT Consultants and Study Find Linux More Affordable than Windows

A recent study conducted by Linux to update very old data proved Linux to be more affordable for IT firms and IT consultants than major applications provided by Windows. The study was conducted in an attempt to give more information to consumers in market that is inundated with information about Windows and other competing forces in the industry.

Respondents of the survey, including many major IT firms and IT consultants, stated that recent advancements in the Linux products have helped relieve complex management issues and also lowered prices for companies. These results contradict many claims that Microsoft has made against the company in their marketing strategies and campaigns. Most of the respondents to the Linux survey, conducted by Open Source Development Labs, Levanta and Enterprise Management Associates also noted that with Linux, they spent far less time supporting and managing it than they did with the Windows operating system. Over 50 percent also stated they could identify and repair problems they encountered with Linux in 30 minutes or less.

Previous studies conducted on Linux and Windows have focused on forcing them into a competition with each other. This most recent survey put emphasis on how Linux works and giving both Linux as a company and its users a better understanding of the products and services. The company noticed that many small and medium-sized companies and IT consultants had trepidations about using Linux software because of lack of recent information about products, and thus were immediately going to the alternatives. The company hopes that by updating information, it will create a more competitive marketplace for Microsoft and Linux and also help companies of all sizes make more educated decisions about choosing software and products that best suit their particular company.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg