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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

IT Consulting: Quality Consulting, Inc. Takes Charge in the Midwest

December and January are typically the slowest business months for IT consulting firms. For Quality Consulting, Inc. (QCI) in Des Moines, IA, this has not been the case. Vice President Chris Kyhl states that the company has been extremely busy, despite the market that is currently tight for IT consultants right now.

In just 10 years, QCI has grown from a one-man operation to 130 employees and approximately $16 million revenue annually. The company serves some of Greater Des Moines’ largest companies, and in the past 5 years has expanded to Cedar Rapids, Denver, CO and recently, Omaha, NE.

QCI’s prevalence as a regional IT consulting firm can be attributed to its ability to maintain great relationships with its local Des Moines clients and work with them to solve their most complex problems. To maintain the human connection and relationships that have made them so popular, President and Founder Bruce Logan stated that it just made more sense to open up new offices and hire new employees as their business expanded to other cities.

QCI is the leader in Iowa’s IT consulting business, which until recently was made up of many very small start-up firms. Although QCI’s size and structure has changed slightly over the years, Logan attributes its growth to one simple strategy: finding the right consultants to run the service, instead of pushing the service on clients that seem to fit. Therefore, the company’s growth has been organic rather than attributed entirely to acquisitions.

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