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Saturday, February 11, 2006

IT Marketing: Communicate Your Expertise

There are two very important elements in IT marketing that most influence your potential clients: case studies; and your website. Both are what prove to your customers that you are the best and only solution to their problems.


A case study is nothing more than an elaborate testimonial. It typically displays the picture of a client along with their logo, full name, address and other relevant contact information. It will offer a few brief paragraphs detailing the client’s experiences with your company, including benefits received from your firm over the years, a strong recommendation of you signed by them and your company’s contact information at the bottom. Case studies from several clients within your niche can be invaluable IT marketing resource.


If you put the right content on your website, it can be an amazingly powerful marketing piece for your company. Don’t waste time or space by advertising how affordable your services are. Instead use your website to convey how you provide industry-specific solutions for those within your niche.

You should make sure that each niche you serve gets its own website. For example, if you have three niches that you’re targeting with your IT services, make sure you have three different web pages, and that each page talks about some industry-specific issues and how your firm addresses them. You will need to know the exact software packages certain people need and other details about each niche in order to convey that you have competency in that area clearly on your website.


Your website essentially serves two purposes:

1. It is an inexpensive replacement for a glossy brochure, and is a place for potential clients you’ve found elsewhere to come to find out more about your company.
2. It is a place for competitors to come and look at your firm to see their competition.

Therefore, you want all those that come to your website, whether competitors or potential clients, to know immediately that your focus is on service, and particularly on addressing and responding to the needs of those within your niche of expertise.

Using case studies and your website can bring new dimension to your IT marketing plan.

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