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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

IT Marketing: Creating a Focused Sales Letter

A benefits-focused sales letter is critical for any IT marketing campaign. Regardless of the niche you choose to serve, an effective sales letter can make or break your business. Your letter doesn’t need to be short, but simply needs to convey your mission and purpose in the best and clearest way possible.


Long sales letters can be an important part of a successful IT marketing campaign, and can be effective for the following:

*Building urgency

*“Stirring up the pot”

*Inciting people to action

*Taking people through the suffering that can happen when they don’t take appropriate data security measures

*Taking people through the excitement and happiness they will feel when they make their staff more productive

*Explaining to prospects the real possibilities and benefits of being able to grow their company 150% to 200% without significantly increasing their staff.

One of the most critical parts of an IT marketing sales letter is addressing your prospective clients’ hot button issues. If you haven’t written many sales letters before, you may want to hire a professional freelance writer or advertising or marketing consultant to accomplish this for you.

In order to breed demand with IT marketing, you may have to send out your business card and offer something free with your sales letter. Set a deadline and clear parameters for your give-away, and then offer something like a free one-hour assessment to the first X number of businesses that respond.

If you can come across as the IT specialist for your niche industry, your sales letter will be much more welcomed than if you are less descriptive. Your headline should convey your expertise, which should then run through the entirety of the letter. Because you are offering something directly relevant to the prospects you are writing, most professionals will be completely open to reading the letter and hopefully to responding.

Be sure you use all the testimonials you can (if you have them), so you communicate to these potential customers exactly what you have done in the past for others like them. The goal with this IT marketing sales letter is to bring potential customers form “free” services to services with a “fee,” so you want to help them arrive at that next logical step.

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