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Monday, February 27, 2006

IT Marketing: Direct Mail Tips

Finding your potential clients' pain is key to getting their business. When you can figure out what a customer wants and needs, then you know how to sell your services to them. But, in order to find the pain and focus on it, you must target your mailings to specific audiences.

Focus on Benefits

Prospective clients don't want to know about everything you can do; they just want to know how you can help them. When you find out what their biggest frustrations are, then you can focus on how to make this part of their business easier. For example, a headline might say, "Learn how our computer consulting company saves dental offices $10,000 a year in saved expenses."

An office manager at a dentist's office will immediately take notice of this headline and want to know the rest of the story. The key is that you can't tell your whole story on the postcard, so they will have to make contact with you in order to learn more.

Focus on the Customer

For the most part, potential clients don't care what kind of certifications you have. Bragging about what you can offer is less effective than focusing on the prospects and their concerns. If you talk about them you just infinitely increased your chances of hearing back from them.

Find out more about reaching your customers through direct mail in the complete article (link above).

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