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Friday, February 24, 2006

IT Marketing: Good Elevator Speeches

Giving a great elevator speech is liking giving a real-life thirty-second commercial. If you're on the 20th floor of a building and can clearly and concisely tell someone else what you do and why your company is special, then you will be meeting prospects constantly.

Focus on Benefits, Not Features

The most important aspect of your elevator speech is not your features but the benefits you can offer the other person or company. Take my elevator speech as an example:

"Hi, this is Joshua Feinberg from Computer Consulting 101. We help small business computer consultants sell more services, build their business and run more profitable companies."

You might say something similar to the following:

"My Company helps small businesses in the local area use technology more effectively."

Whatever you feel that your key benefits are, focus on them.

Sincerity is Key

You don't want to sound like an annoying car commercial. Instead, show that you are sincerely interested in the other person's work and business. Generally speaking, the key to success in sales is letting the other person do most of the talking. Learn what they want and need, then let them know how you meet those key needs.

For more on preparing your elevator speech and selling your company to local businesses, read the full article (link above).

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