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Monday, February 06, 2006

IT Marketing: Reward Your Referrals

Since partnering up with professionals like accountants or lawyers in other fields can often be a rewarding IT marketing experience for you that can produce favorable referrals and extra business, you should find ways to reward them in return. Providing your valuable clients with things like finder’s fees, referral rewards, service trades, gift baskets or even tickets to sporting events can improve your relationship and give your partners an incentive to connect you with friends and colleagues.

Including rewards for referrals in your IT marketing budget can truly pay off in the long run. But before you even establish a reward program for your current clients you should ask yourself an important question: do their clients need you?

Ask your current customers if they ever get requests from their clients for technical services, and how they respond to those requests. If they tell you that they often get questions, but don’t know where to send them, that is your opportunity to suggest an IT marketing plan that makes sense for both of you. Talk to your client about how IT investments can help their business and then offer to host a seminar in their office for clients and co-workers. When proposing this idea, you of course want to make sure to hold the seminar at a convenient time for the accountant or lawyer. Still, an educational seminar to introduce yourself to a new pool of prospects is the perfect opportunity for you to build your own consulting business.

So how will this educational seminar work exactly? You and your client will co-sponsor it, and both invite your customers so they can merge and mingle. You can talk about how small businesses can small businesses can better use whatever services your client provides, or how small businesses can protect their systems more readily by putting more controls in place. You, of course, will talk about IT issues, and your client will talk about all issues related to his business. The key element in the seminar is to set the stage to talk about computer-related issues.

Personal referrals are one of the most effective IT marketing strategies. In order to get them, you have to cultivate your relationships with your clients. Reward programs and partnering opportunities are the ideal way to accomplish this goal.

Created By: Computer Consulting 101