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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

IT Sales Calls: Getting Through to the Right Person

The very first part of a successful IT sales call is getting through to the appropriate person. But with most companies, getting past the gatekeeper can feel like an impossible task to IT professionals trying to make contact. Thankfully, there are specific techniques you can use to ensure you get connected to the people you need to tell about your services.


Often in the case of cold IT sales calls, you may find yourself unable to get past a secretary that immediately dismisses you by telling you the company is not interested in your services. If this happens to you frequently, you should consider alternatives to cold calls for gaining new clients.


If you still must use cold IT sales calls, the following are good strategies to get you past the frontline security of even the most difficult companies:

1. Call before or after the gatekeeper leaves. Chances are, they are 8-hour work-day people, and you will be able to easily determine their schedule.
2. Send an email.
3. Send a fax.
4. Send a personal business letter.
5. Send an informational, but personal postcard.
6. Send a Fex-Ex with information about your company marked “personal and confidential.”

Unfortunately, most of these techniques have been around for a while, so even these strategies may not get the results you want. What can you do instead?


The key to truly getting into hard-to-reach companies locally is to become known within your community. Get to know professionals in your chosen niche, including accountants, lawyers and other business people in your area. If you invest serious time into networking, you will eventually firmly plant yourself in the community. Then when you call companies, chances are they will have already heard about your involved and dependable reputation, and you will have less difficulties getting to the right people.

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