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Saturday, February 25, 2006

IT Sales: How Urgent is the Need?

Your goal during an initial IT sales consultation is to bring clients to the next level. Sometimes prospective clients will immediately consent to items like a site survey. But some might be a bit more difficult and say they will get right back to you, but then not follow up. If you are employing the right techniques and if your clients’ needs are truly urgent when making that first call, you should not get this response.


If prospects give you very specific goals and needs, you need to figure out if these are wish list items, possible projects or something they are committed to achieving. You need to learn how important the project is to your prospects in order to get IT sales.

What questions can you ask to assess your client? The following are examples of questions that will get you started and hopefully guide you towards a sale:

1. “Given that everything looks good, when would you like to get started?”
2. “How important is this project?”
3. “When would you like to start?”
4. “What is preventing you from getting started immediately?”
5. “Why haven’t you completed this project in the past?”


You may find out that prospects have looked into these services in the past and have thought it was either too expensive or too impossible. Perhaps their needs changed, or the solution was more of a challenge than they expected the last time.


You may still get the brush off in IT sales in spite of your best efforts. If everything else fails, ask non-threatening questions to better gauge your prospects and their reluctance to accept services:

1. “When is a good time for me to follow up with you?”
2. “When do you think you will be in a better position for us to discuss this again?”

Not all clients that reject your IT sales efforts today will reject them in the future. If you learn as much about your prospects as possible and take an active interest, you may be able to turn them around.

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