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Friday, February 03, 2006

IT Support: Are You Wearing Multiple Hats?

As you start your IT consulting firm, you often wear multiple hats: the sales hat, the technician hat, and the administrative hat. If you’re only a good administrator but not a good technician, then you are being beat by one-person teams who work with a very low overhead. In the beginning, you need to wear multiple hats in order to make it in the business.

Passing Out the Hats

Eventually, though, you need to begin delegating to others. Over time you may find that you have enough business to subcontract some of your work to specialists so that you can go out on more sales calls.

Then, you’ll realize that for the cost of subcontractors, you could hire a full-time staff person. Once you have a firm client base, then you can begin hiring some extra technicians or a great sales person on staff.

Making the Big Decisions

Taking time to carefully make decisions about the amount of overhead you can afford and the number of hats you want to wear (and how long) is an important step in creating a strong foundation for your business. Learn more when you take a look at the full article (link above).

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