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Friday, February 24, 2006

Maintenance Contracts – A Network That Serves You Better

Maintenance contracts can provide your company with any number of services, but did you know that they can actually help you set up your business network for more efficient use? With the right contract, you can have the help of the experts when planning and installing your network.

Sharing Devices for Efficiency

You can share devices in your office for increased efficiency, but those connections can be very temperamental, especially if they were set up by an amateur. The good news is that under a maintenance contract, your technician can help you set up and maintain your connections.

Use Your Technicians

Many people sign maintenance contracts and then never call on their technicians and can't understand why their network is not operating correctly. One of the most important times to contact your technician, though, is when you are planning and installing any new devices or hardware. When the connection is set up correctly in the first place you can save hours of worry and lots of money.

So remember, to have a contract and use it consistently for the best service. Learn more about maintenance contracts and how to find a great technician in the article, Maintenance Contracts – Building a Network to Serve You Better (link above).

Posted by Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit