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Friday, February 17, 2006

Marketing: Finding Your First Clients

Getting your first clients can be the most difficult jobs to find but the most important ones to get. After you have a proven track record other companies are more likely to trust you, and you can offer references to back up your claims.

Taking Your First Steps

You want to pick a startup date.

You want to print your business cards.

You want to tell everyone that you know

You need some reference accounts

You need to get referrals

Volunteering With A Catch

You can do some volunteer work for a client but add on a slight catch. Work with an organization you like and add a catch to get great references. Here's the offer you want to make:

“I’m going to do a heck of a job with you helping you upgrade your PC or update your website, but here’s what I’d like from you. In return, at the end of the half day, I’d like to get a reference letter from you and that you’d be available to take phone calls every once in a while from prospective clients as a reference. And secondly, I would like you to introduce me to three people who are active in your organization who are a qualified lead for me. “People that either own their own business or manage their own business, that you know use computers on a regular basis and could benefit from my services.”

Offering this pitch is almost guaranteed to get a positive response. Your client gets your help and you have an amazing reference. Learn more about starting your own consulting business in the full article (link above).

Submitted by Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit