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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Printer Friendly by Antair

Have you ever needed to print something from a website that didn't have one of those helpful little "printer-friendly" buttons? Well, Antair has created a solution to make life easier both at home and at work.

Printer Friendly 1.3 allows you to print any web page in a printer-friendly version even if the page does not offer that as a separate option. Not only does the content print well, but also all banner ads and other annoying advertisements are automatically removed.

Printer Friendly actually adds a button to the tool bar of your web browser so that you can easily click it when you find a page you want to print. Then, the page prints automatically with everything you want perfectly formatted and everything you don't want deleted.

If you want to know more about Antair's new printer-friendly system or how to get the 14-day free trial, read the article, Antair is Proud to Introduce Printer Friendly 1.3; Now Everything is Printer Friendly (link above).

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