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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Software Service Contracts – What’s Available?

The computer industry has changed dramatically over the years. We have seen small players become big players and big players fizzle out of sight. A major change, however, is the way software service contracts are offered.

From big to small, most computer companies or their participating retailers offer some type of service agreement both for the hardware and the software. Let’s go over what some of the major players have to offer.


With the iPod and other major innovations, Apple is certainly leading the way in the computer industry. As long as you buy your computer from an authorized dealer, then you can choose from an array of software service contracts and hardware warranties.


Dell has become the leading source for computer sales in the last few years. Although their range is small, the systems offered are exceptional. Dell itself does not offer software service contracts, but most retailers offer some type of service agreement upon purchase.


Since merging with Compaq, HP has become an even greater part of the computer industry. The company now offers hardware, software, and infrastructure management solutions along with an exceptional choice of support contracts, including software service contracts.

Evaluating the Options

Everywhere you look someone is offering a software service contract. Read through your options carefully and choose the best contract for your company. Oftentimes your outsourced IT firm can give you assistance in choosing what’s right for you.

Find out more about the major players in the industry and what they have to offer by reading the complete article (link above).

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