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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Top 5 Security Risks for 2006

Top 5 Security Risks for 2006

Fraud and Identity Theft

Phishing and spear phishing (phishing that targets specific groups) are becoming a bigger problem with each year. This will continue to be a problem until better solutions are created. Global financial institutions are, according to estimates, losing millions each year due to phishing.

1. Information Leaks

Inside information leaks are also a concern especially since most companies do not have strict policies in place concerning employee use of blogs, chat rooms, and technical boards.

2. Unlicensed Product Sales

Intellectual property theft is a huge problem in our industry. Companies must be more aware of this issue and of the online sale of counterfeit or gray-market goods.

3. Convergence of Physical and Cyber Security

Groups, especially extremist groups, are using failing cyber security to create physical threats to organizations.

4. Corporate Espionage

Intentionally leaked information can cost a company profit or loss. If a competitor accesses private information, they can use it to get an edge over their competition.

Five Important Ways to Lower Your Risk

  1. Create Corporate Policy
  2. Enforce Policies
  3. Educate Customers
  4. Monitor the Internet
  5. Attain a Closed-Loop Solution

And, of course, always learn more. For more on this topic, read the entire article, Security Secrets and Strategies: Top 5 Security Risks for 2006 (link above).

Added by Joshua Feinberg