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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Value Added Resellers and Mobile Security

A top official at the U.S. software security firm Symantec stated recently that many corporations are starting to add mobile security software to their devices. However, she feels that a surge in consumer investment in these technologies is still approximately a year from happening. This is good news for many value added resellers.

Symantec, which stands as the world’s largest security software maker and provider is benefiting from trend of mobile security software purchasing. The fact that the prevalence of advanced handheld devices is growing as well is giving Symantec a new product to sell to its large client base. Many feel that operators will drive the consumer industry, whereas with enterprise, the market is far more directly-oriented.

Top officials are noticing many customers coming back to them to handle all their mobile security needs and feel that their loyal client base is their biggest asset in such a service-oriented industry. They are starting to figure out ways to put this security software into many subscribers’ cell phones.

Worldwide market leader F-Secure & Finland has already secured six deals with operators and is anticipating profits from businesses from 2006-2008 as the technology division becomes widely-available.

IDC research hypothesizes that the mobile security software marketplace will expand about 70 percent per year to reach almost $1 billion in 2008. This growth will be directly attributed to more people using email and the Internet on their mobile phones. More than 50 million advanced Smartphones are already being used. These phones offer access to the Internet and email, but only comprise a small number of the total number of mobile phones in use globally.

Mobile viruses are starting to crop up and might pose a significant threat in the future for all users, so security firms anticipate as consumers start encountering problems, they will begin to look into buying software to fix the problem.

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