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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Computer Consultant 101: Building a Stable Business

Know How To Bill and What to Charge

Charge the appropriate amount in the beginning. Otherwise you will lose a lot of money and you'll be announcing to the world that you're in amateur. Plus, if you bring people in at the wrong price, you may have to scrap all your clients and start over at some point.

Perform IT Audits

When you are assessing a company's technology and IT needs, you can actually get paid for your up-front assessment by performing an IT audit. Don't lose money giving away your time; instead, ask for the price you're worth.

Build Local Partnerships

Working with other local companies and creating partnerships will help you build your business and provide you with valuable referrals. Negotiating with these key players is essential to the life of your business.

Exceed Client Expectations

Exceeding client expectations is a sure way to know that you'll have loyal clients forever. They will stay with you as long as you meet, and especially if you exceed, their expectations. Plus, they'll give you lots of referrals.

Maximize your Utilization Rate and Profitability

Use as much of your time as possible on billable items so that you don't lose your business to your non-billable hours. Up your profit by streamlining and creating a more efficient business.

Learn more on this valuable subject in the article, Computer Consultant 101: How to Build a Stable Business (link above).

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