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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Computer Consultants Face Jail Time for Trojan Spyware Fiasco

Two computer consultants in London will most likely be jailed for their participation in an Israeli spyware incident after they agreed to a plea bargain. Ruth Brier-Haephrati, 28 could receive four years imprisonment and her husband Michael Haephrati, 44 could receive two for selling Trojan spy software to Israelii private detective firms.

The Israeli firms used the software they purchased to spy on business in Israel, including a TV company, a PR agency and a car importer. The couple were sent to Tel Aviv last month for trial and have also started a plea that will allow them to pay one million new Israeli Shekels, or half a million dollars in compensation.

Graham Cluley, a spokesperson from the Internet security firm Sophos congratulated the Israeli authorities for uncovering this scam and believes it will send a strong message to other criminals. Many are curious to see if the companies that purchased the software from the couple will be accountable.

Sophos and other security firms say that Trojan spyware are becoming much more targeted than previously and are often intended for financial gain. Tel Aviv district court judge Bracha Ofir-Tom will announce her decision on the plea bargain on March 27th.

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