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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Computer Networking Business: Creating Clients

The computer networking business is very competitive and is very dependent upon promotion. You need to implement promotional strategies that will distinguish you from the competition, including word of mouth, advertising, publicity and networking.


Successful networking is all about creating relationships. If you find businesses in your network and figure out ways you can help them, these same businesses will probably want to help you in the future. Organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club are great for networking, as are your child’s school, church, your alma mater, relatives and friends. These groups can all give you good word-of-mouth for your community and help build your business in the future.


A computer networking business will probably have to depend on things beyond referrals, which is a great time to use advertising. Internet and e-mail advertising provide great opportunities for business. E-mails should be sent to prospects that have given you permission to send mail to them, and can be a great outreach plan because it is entirely free.

You should also think about using the yellow pages, newspapers, radio and television. If these mediums are overwhelming, you may want to consider hiring an advertising agency to help you. This type of advertising is useful because it reaches a very specific market, but it can be expensive.


Publicity is a great free tool for a computer networking business. Send articles to the local newspaper on computer networking, or press releases to a newspaper or magazine editor when a computer networking business opens for business, hires a new important position or launches a new product. People trust information provided by the media much more than a straight advertisement.

Consider all types of promotion when starting an advertising and networking campaign. Networking, advertising and publicity will all tell people about your company in the community and generate business.

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