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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Computer Networking Business Start-up and Hiring Key Employees

Hiring employees in the computer networking business is an exact science. Many computer networking business owners don’t have the knowledge required to hire the best and most experienced employees, even though hiring these people is one of the most beneficial factors of business growth. There is a formula to follow that can help you, as a business owner hire the right employees for your computer networking business.

Hiring is a very systematic process, and each computer networking business has to be ready for a very long process. Once you make a list of the most useful candidates for the jobs, the interview process begins. Be prepared to conduct second and even third interviews to ensure you get the right people to help you in your computer networking business.


Job postings for your computer networking business should advertise an opportunity, not simply a job or a position. The words you use to describe the opportunity should reflect the full scope of your company and attract those looking for a career, not just a shorter-term job.


The employees you want will expect a clear description of the job and its responsibilities. In your description, include definitions, expectations, salary, bonuses and all perks.


Establish an open and friendly relationship right off the bat with candidate references in order to open up communication. Ask about the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses after you’ve put the reference at ease, and keep in mind that most often a reference is only trying to protect himself when he is guarded with information.


You should demand an applicant fill out completely both an application and a resume. A computer networking business will find out much more about a candidate by expecting both items. Applications provide the answers to important questions regarding felony arrest, citizenship, etc., and make work history easier to determine than a resume alone.


The ability to listen is a critical skill in the computer networking business, and if a candidate cannot stay focused or truly process what you are saying in an interview, chances are he will not listen as a service-oriented employee.

Following specific guidelines when hiring all employees will guarantee your hires are consistently of the best quality and best fit for your particular computer networking business.

Created By: Computer Consulting Kit