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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Computer Repair Prices: How to Set Fees

You can set computer repair prices in many different ways. The following four methods give you an idea of how to set your fees, but ultimately you have to choose the one that works best with your personality and style.


This type of pricing involves setting computer repair prices at whatever the customer is willing and able to pay. Using this method, fees will vary depending on the job. This method should be used carefully as many customers might feel this method of setting computer repair prices is unfair; if two customers start discussing your services, the price differences might come up.


The second option for setting computer repair prices is basing them on the competition. If you charge a great deal more than your local competitor you should be offering a better service or product, and if you can’t prove you are, you could lose business. You should be cautious if you set your prices too much lower than your competition as well to avoid being considered a lower quality service.


This way of establishing computer repair prices involves deciding how much money you either need or expect to make annually. Then determine the number of hours you will work and figure out how much you will charge hourly. The only problem with this method is that it isn’t very accurate. You can’t know how much business you will do per year, particularly if you are a new consultant.


This type of computer repair pricing is very similar to needs-based fee establishment. To calculate this type of fee, determine your former salary and add in health care and other benefits. The total will help you arrive at your hourly rate.

Before you arrive at a decision about computer repair pricing, review the many methods. You may even want to use two of the methods together to get the best fit for you and your clients.

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