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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Computer Repair Services and Market Segments

Computer repair services are critical to the industry. As a computer repair services provider, knowing your market segments can help you find customers that need your make this job even easier.


When you are determining market segments, you should think about three factors. Answering three “w” questions – “Who?” “What?” and “Why?” – will allow you to concentrate on clients that are in most need of computer repair services. Creative approaches to marketing and sales will give you a much more targeted customer base.


You can learn more about who the customer you’re looking for is by thinking about geography, lifestyle and personality. The customer might live in a rural area or in a strong community. What is the customer’s lifestyle? Find out what his hobbies, social activities, television viewing habits and other interests are. Lastly, what is his personality? If you understand a customer’s habits, you can custom fit computer repair services to his needs.


If you offer computer repair services, think about pricing, delivery, packaging and features you will offer. Then help fit these with the needs of each market segment. Some segments might want a very cost effective repair service, while some might rather pay extra for additional features and benefits. If you know what each client needs, you will be able to deliver the best services.


Computer repair services are most needed by those that lack knowledge of technology. Occasionally, however, clients might have computer knowledge but lack the time to deal with them personally. You should know what is causing each segment to seek your assistance so you can best satisfy specific needs.

Learning more about your market segments should be the primary focus when you are deciding how to offer computer repair services. Becoming intimately familiar with who the customer is, what services he needs and why he needs them will create a satisfied customer and good business.

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