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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Computer Repair Services: Four Steps to Customer Decisions

When deciding to go with your computer repair services, a customer cycles through four steps: awareness; interest; evaluation; adoption. The strategies you use at each phase will encourage the prospect to take the steps to the end.


Prospects you encounter might know about your computer repair services, but might not know much information about them beyond that. Your strategy in this initial stage should be to educate the consumer about the details of your business using flyers, brochures or websites. Providing a description of your services that is both exciting and informative will help bring you closer to a sale.


This is the next level of customer curiosity. At this stage, a customer has already heard your commercials, seen ads or heard about you from friends. But he still needs more information about your services, so you should at this point provide more specific information about your computer repair services.


At this stage, the potential client has complete information and has to evaluate whether your computer repair services are right for him. You can make this decision simple with the right strategy. One of these strategies is to offer a guarantee for services that will give him peace of mind in case he is not satisfied with any of the work you do.


The moment a customer decides to use your computer repair services you need to use strategies that will make him a long-term client. You need to create customer loyalty by providing superior service and the building blocks for a trusting relationship.

You have to understand the behavior of your customers in order to offer the best computer repair services. If you know the four steps of the decision-making process and implement strategies that will be appealing to prospects, you will get repeat business and optimize customer satisfaction.

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