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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Computer Reseller Business: Let Customers Find You

A computer reseller business is very dependent upon marketing and advertising, and there are quite a few tools that customers can use in order to find yours. You can’t just offer the best products in your area; you have to bring the customer to you so he can buy what you are selling.

So how do customers find your computer reseller business?


Having your computer reseller business in a location that is convenient and easy-to-find will be critical in marketing it to the public. Even if your business is not in a prime location, you can ease the process of finding it by providing maps, well-known landmarks and other identifying information in a centralized and accessible place such as a website.

Access to your computer reseller business is absolutely critical to its success. If there are parking issues, provide specific tips to customers about parking available in the area. Customers that visit your website might also feel more comfortable ordering online and having the product sent to them directly so they don’t have to leave their house. You should consider offering this delivery option as part of your marketing and sales plan.


A clear sign will help attract passer-bys on the road. If they are simple and easy-to-read there will be no question that you are a computer reseller business; if you include a website people passing who don’t have time to stop right then might look you up later

Your yellow pages listing is also important for customers. Provide all information, including phone numbers, the website address, your operation hours and directions. On a similar note, an updated phone service is a great investment. Unanswered calls mean lost customers, so you should invest in voicemail services and make a concerted effort to return calls quickly.


Marketing a computer reseller business is a creative process. You can find customers in old employees, employers, school alumni and others so you should send them letters about your new business. You should also start a customer mailing list and contact them periodically to inform them of location changes or other news. Listing your business in trade directories is also beneficial. You want as many people in your community to know you exist as possible so you can maximize the visitors you get as customers for your business.

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