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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Computer Service Business Management: Delegating Responsibility

Effective management of a computer service business is incredibly important, and the ability to delegate responsibility is a critical skill for any manager. Good delegation allows a computer service business to run more smoothly. Delegation is more than the simple process of giving an employee a task to complete. It involves putting trust and confidence in an employee and giving him the power to complete a job.

There are five different components of good delegation: determining assignments; providing detailed instructions; offering comprehensible instructions; conducting review meetings; and giving employees authority. Before delegating tasks, a computer service business manager needs to know all these components so he can make sure the project is completed in a timely manner and according the all specifications.


As an effective manager of a computer service business, you should know the capabilities of every employee. You should consider training specific team members to handle certain business aspects. That way you can easily match jobs that come up with certain people. If any tasks fall under a different category, they can go to you.


A computer service business will undoubtedly have varying tasks. When you come across an assignment with very specific standards, you should put the exact details of those standards in writing. When job details are more flexible, you can generalize. Consider the abilities and unique personality of every employee. Some will need things spelled out, whereas others like to work more independently.


Employees need to understand instructions in order to complete a task. You should ask specific questions that go beyond a simple “Do you understand?” Your reputation is on the line with every project, and you need all tasks to be done right. Get feedback from your employees and ask questions that ensure they know how to proceed.


You should schedule review meetings at the beginning of each project. But as a computer service business manager, you can determine the frequency of the meetings. The most important thing to remember is that employees need to know what you expect from them and what the deadlines are for each project before work begins. Never use surprise reviews, as they can destroy morale and imply distrust.


Employees will work better when they feel they have the authority on projects and are truly a member of the team. As the manager of a computer service business, you need to trust team members to make the right decisions for your company. If you make all the decisions yourself, you will be overworked, and your business will not run smoothly.

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