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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Demand For IT Pros Expected To Intensify

The Society for Information Management has announced the results of their trends and analysis report. They believe that the demand for IT pros will continue to become greater, and businesses are likely to find that this make finding the best IT pros more difficult.

With fewer IT professionals coming out of universities and many baby boomers preparing for retirement, the industry may find itself in short supply of the once numerous IT pros. Their survey showed that SMBs expect to higher more full-time employees than other companies while larger corporations expect to continue outsourcing their work.

The report's authors said this: "One thing was clear: IT professionals need to acquire more knowledge of the business side of IT in order to advance their careers. Technical aptitude will always be a prerequisite for entry into the IT profession, but business skills account for five of the top 10 critical skills that organizations will require for their in-house staffs over the next three years."

Find out more about the complete survey results by reading the entire article (link above).

Submitted by Joshua Feinberg