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Monday, March 27, 2006

How Partnering Can Help Your Computer Consulting Firm

In small business computer consulting, partnering is really the only way to do things properly. It provides three important benefits that can put you on the right track from the beginning.


Through partnering, you can expand the skills you give a potential client and your existing clients to provide a more thorough and lasting solution. If you are selling to a non-technical small business, you will need a complete solution so you make no mistakes. Non-technical clients don’t want to go to a lot of different people to provide them with technical support, and having to call multiple people for singular problems will eventually drive them away. When you use partnering, you have access to more skills, and you will be able to handle any problem yourself either by fixing it in-house or finding the appropriate person to do the job.


Partnering will also increase your sales force quickly and efficiently. If another tech provider involved in an account recommends you for another aspect of the job, you are as good as sold. Partnering can produce the best referrals, and referrals that are better than those that come from a client’s accountant or lawyer, because he already trusts the technology provider, regardless of his role as generalist or niche provider, as he’s entrenched in the same business and already providing him similar services. With these clients, you don’t have to worry about price, only the strength of the recommendation.


Over one-fifth, or 21 percent, of your annual revenue can come from partnering. So getting involved right away will help increase your profit and see financial rewards for much less effort than other types of business.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg