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Saturday, March 18, 2006

IT Consultants Go to Customers

Because as an IT consultant you are very dependent upon repeat business, you cannot afford to wait for business to come to you. You have to approach your customers by offering them reminders of upcoming scheduled services or help them by going to the point of use for delivery of goods or services.


Your clients will find reminders to be very valuable resources. They are very busy and don’t want to spend time remembering details about computer maintenance. You can contact your clients in many different ways, including post cards mailed at reliable intervals about maintenance of parts replacement, which encourages your customers to schedule an appointment with you.

Phone calls are perhaps the best type of reminder; voice-to-voice communication will be more likely to spur your client to make an appointment, whereas sometimes postcards can be thrown away.

An IT consultant can also visit the client directly to schedule a future appointment, which is a good opportunity to enhance your relationship. You can bring staff donuts and coffee or other treats as a special touch and a memorable impression.


Visiting a place of business is standard for an IT consultant. Often a client is someone having trouble with a home computer, and will really appreciate you more if you are willing to make house calls. If you need to look more closely at the computer to diagnose the problem, take the computer with you and return it when you have completed the work. Your customers will remember that you made a special effort and will look to you to solve future issues with you as an IT consultant.

As an IT consultant the best way to encourage repeat customers is to give them service that makes them feel special. By going to them, you are offering them a unique opportunity and peace of mind they cannot get with other IT consultants.

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