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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

IT Consulting Firm Offers Innovative Customer Service

A Chicago-based IT consulting firm, Infra-IT implemented a program in October 2005 that offers clients the opportunity to predict their annual IT budgets and dramatically lower them. For many years, the IT industry has been providing services in the following way: something breaks; an IT professional appears on the scene and fixes it at an hourly rate. Most business owners and managers have learned that crisis consulting can be incredibly exorbitant, but with no other options, they have had to accept that or suffer a total halt in business. The fact that these businesses cannot accurately predict how much an emergency will cost or when it will occur makes budgeting impossible.

Edmund Scanlan, CEO of Infra-IT states that while the company spent four years providing services under the traditional IT consulting model, he decided it was time to align the IT consulting firm’s services with the needs of clients. Thus, Infra-IT became the first IT consulting firm in Chicago to offer flat-fee, managed IT services.

The program is simple and geared towards those frustrated by the expensive nature of after-hours rates and day-long business standstills. Every company that enrolls pays a flat monthly fee determined by the number of systems it has. In return, Infra-IT maintains all systems with no extra fees.

The IT consulting firm features desktop services, network support and CIO services proactively, which means companies do not have to wait for something to break. The firm performs maintenance checks regularly and helps keep systems running from the beginning. The program was designed originally to help Infra-IT better handle problems, often before the client is aware they exist. This avoids any unnecessary downtime.

Infra-IT offers fixed-fee managed IT services to small and medium sized businesses that help them plan their annual IT budgets and perform regular maintenance on all their technology implements. Although Infra-IT is the first Chicago IT consulting company to offer these types of services, many others across the country have followed suit. Experts estimate that managed IT services can save a company an average of 40% on annual IT costs and prevent other expenses accrued through lost productivity during unplanned downtime.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg