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Friday, March 03, 2006

IT Marketing: Who Should Be the Lead Generator?

The lead generator is the most important position in your business. Your customers aren't buying your certifications or your service – they're buying you! That's why you never want to leave this important job to anyone other than a spouse or maybe a trusted partner.

Personal Responsibility

When people work with your company, they want to know that you are guaranteeing the service that your provide. Based on the information they receive, they will expect certain things from your service. If things go wrong, they will blame you even if you didn't provide the information.

You see, your business is your responsibility. If you're going to delegate parts of your business, delegate the technical parts to competent technicians but never give up your role as the contact for the companies for whom you are the virtual IT.

Protect Your Business

Sell yourself and stay in contact with your clients, and your clients will never leave you. If you aren't the contact, then your clients will be more loyal to the contact person than you. If you can't trust that contact, then you may lose your business.

Taking responsibility and protecting your business by being the lead generator will allow you to become a success in your industry. To learn more about growing your business and serving as the lead generator for your company, read the full article (link above).

Submitted by Computer Consulting Kit