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Monday, March 20, 2006

IT Sales: Avoiding Freebies

You will likely be asked by prospects to look at extra items and issues during an initial IT sales consultation. But you must proceed carefully when asked to do even simple tasks for free; the goal of an IT sales consultation is moving your clients towards buying your products and services and offering freebies is bad business.


Even if you think solving a minor problem for the prospect would take just a few minutes, you can never know for sure until you’ve already started to fix it. At this point, the prospect is not a paying client yet, and fixing anything is a risk; you might do further damage to already broken systems or it may take you a long time to fix, and neither option is helpful to your IT sales plan.


You need to be careful about touching anything before you have a signed agreement for an IT audit or other service from the prospect. The key in the initial consultation is to succeed at IT sales and get a new client, not to fix something for free. Even if you are including a technology assessment, be careful that your work is as low-risk as possible. The last thing you need is a company holding you responsible for breaking something important.

No matter what, do not act on requests of prospects to fix things within their office during an initial IT sales call. Instead assess their specific technology situation and figure out how to make them into paying clients.

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