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Saturday, March 25, 2006

IT Service Agreements: Who Are Your Clients?

When establishing targets for IT service agreements, you need to know your skills and be qualified. But you also have to pay attention to the size of the companies you are going after; approaching 60, 100 or 150 stations is probably not the best way to start.


When approaching prospects about IT service agreements, start with something simpler and that fits more manageably with your technical skills. You should target someone that has 10 to 35 PC’s and one or maybe two servers. Your ideal prospect will be someone without wide area network connections, and most of their systems will work with Windows and Office. You need to start with small businesses before you can move onto larger ones.


Communication with customers is an essential part of IT service agreements. You need to email, call or drop in to check on your customers. With a good IT service agreement, you should expect to show up on-site at least one a month, and in many cases twice a month. Good customer contact is an extra tool for quality control that will make sure you meet and go above and beyond what your clients expect from you.


Surveys are important when it comes to IT service agreements, and you should send one out regularly. Surveys are best sent a couple months before a renewal. You should change that to twice a year or quarterly eventually. Make the surveys as informal as you’d like – the most important thing is to get regular feedback so you can continue to improve and deliver the best service you can through IT service agreements.

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